^THE SAVANT^ from Hanan Sharifa on Vimeo.
Blurring of the barrier between the subconscious and external, waking world, The Savant gives us access to portals of knowledge and success.

As is life, I have to remind myself that people, places, seasons and organic matter change. I try to think of my memories as capsules, not meant to feel grief, but a stillness. A moment of happiness to cherish and not envy. I wanted that life back so badly at one point that I gripped on to an idea of how my life would be. But my darkness had creeped back in and I couldn’t tune it out. When we listened to the sound of crickets slowed down, we heard a symphony in a vast darkness, under the depth of stars. I felt then my pain worsening, unable to clear my mind for months, I was at the end of my rope. Cautiously stepping over tarantulas, I bought a stone to exempt my anxiety. It didn’t help. Now my eyes begin their transition into deep creases. My voice is slowing down but once spoke so heedlessly and seldom held back.

Monday Nov 5 2018